How would I text this girl that came to my workplace and I'm interested in her?

So basically I work in a cell phone store and yesterday this girl came in and I was helping her out, and she just seemed really nice and cool. I was thinking about her after she left, and I was thinking about maybe texting her. She didn't give me her number to talk to her, I only have it because obviously I worked on her account. But I don't want to seem like a stalker whos texting her. So I guess my question is, how do I text her and what would I say to inititally break the ice of how I even got her number?

I thought about texting her something about her account in order to first break the ice and then somehow ease into a conversation maybe? But I've been single for a while, so I'm really rusty I guess on what to do. Any advice to make it seem OK to text her casually? and then also how would I check to see if she even has a bf?


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  • If she seemed interested and flirty definitely go for it. I wouldn't suggest texting though, I think you should call her and speak to her properly.

    It sounds like you have something in mind already you could mention to her about her account. So probably start the conversation with a friendly greeting, mention whatever it is you've thought up, make a little joke or perhaps mention a plan that you guys have that is a special deal for linking cell phones together on one account and ask her is she'd like to do it with her partner's cell (at least you'd find out if she's single).

    Just an idea. Best of luck.

    I have an question, how long did you approximately spend with her?

  • Isn't that illegal and breaks your workplace agreements? I think your only chance is to do it in person when she comes in.


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