Anyone ever get crank calls?

Has anyone ever got any crank calls from someone they've had a falling out with, or an ex? You can't prove it but know who it is.

I had 1 girl call me almost everyday for a year then just hang up. Even the last few months I'd let it go to machine, they listen to my message then hang up.

Anyone have an idea why someone would do that, or what they get out of it? I didn't even know her that well.


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  • yeah, I had the exact same experience with a guy I knew couple years ago, we kinda had a thing that wasn't developing and he started calling me then hanging up once I answered and said hello couple times. he did it for over a year. I have no idea what he got out of it. the whole time I just wished he'd talk to me and say 2hi how are you?" but he never did.


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  • I got a couple from my crushes haha

    • What were they? Just hang ups or did they say anything?

    • they were talking about Chinese food and screaming like they were karate chopping every time I wanted to talk!