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I've been seeing this guy- he and I text every night before bed and he is very sweet. On our first date he said he did not want to let me go, and on our second date, the very next day, we went at it on my sofa-- uh hem.. I mean- we watched a movie... anyway. Third date, we go to the beach- he's acting off, I was feeling off- the weather was freezing- bad beach day... He's a surfer and I do not like the beach, so right off we know there will be some difference in taste- but the day was really weird. We ran into a few of his co workers, we had a rather silent drink at Starbucks, and on the way home we talked about our past. Now, he still texts me every night, but it's just 'good night' and 'how was your day'- stuff like that. No asking me out or anything. What is he doing? Is he still interested in me? He agreed that the beach day was an altogether weird day for him and I agreed, but look, does he still want me? Was he afraid he was coming off too strong and so now he's pulling back? If he does not want me, don't drag me along! I like him and would like to see where this goes- but his little game is just wearing me out! HELP!


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  • hes playing you! he got what he wanted (a 'movie' on your couch) now he's moved on! when he needs to see another 'movie' he will call you again! just leave him! he seems like a looser! I would never do that to a girl! its not right! guys who do this are only in to one thing and one thing only... watching 'movies' on a couch, in bed, on a beach, or well...you get where I'm going

  • Have you tried asking him?

    It is a possibility that he just wanted to watch a 'movie' with you. But, you can ask him, assuming that he will give a truthful answer.


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