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I conceal and carry on my hip, so I have to wear a somewhat less impressive, looser shirt. As shallow as it sounds, I want to impress my date by wearing a more form fitting shirt, to show off my lats (I've been working hard to improve my body). Open carry is not illegal for me, but I don't want to look like I'm openly displaying to seem macho.

Ladies, how would your opinion of a guy change if you discovered that he concealed and carried, (either he told you, you asked, or you saw him print) on either the first, second, third, or nth date? I ask about the order of the date because how you feel after discovering on the 5th date might be different from the 1st date.

UPDATE: I'm not worried about printing or having a metal detector wand passed over me; hugging and getting close is the only way she'd find out.

Please post if you've got an actual experience to share (both guys and gals).


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  • I would rather have the guys tell me though, rather than all of the sudden seeing the gun, or seeing it written somewhere. Some girls are weird about guns & it could offend them, so I’d make sure that you asked their opinion about carrying for the first date.

    My opinion wouldn’t change, unless it was to think he was manlier ;) Most my guy friends have a CCW permit & carry; however, they usually leave it in the car when we go out. One of my buddies wears it all the time, but he always wears bigger polo shirts to hide it.

    Have you ever considered getting a leg holster? I used to worked for a PI who used that when he was undercover…worked for him :)

    • What do you mean a leg holster? Drop-hip mount? Ankle? 1 o clock Inside the Waistband holster?

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    • Either way, those methods of concealment aren't options because I am trained to carry the way that I currently do. I was just looking for women's input and how they think they would feel if they found out at a certain point.

    • I'd be fine with it, but then again I grew up around guns & shoot them myself. It really depends on the girl. I'd just ask her.

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  • I'd consider taking her on dates in places where you don't need to be armed, and wearing the tight shirt.

    • If that sort of place really existed, I would go on dates there, but one cannot live in safety through denial. I'm not paranoid; if I actually suspected something would happen at a public location, of course I'd just not go there. But going in unarmed, hoping "today won't be the day", is short sighted and cuts down on options. I'll CARRY on with the normal shirt.

      I'll save the tight shirt for when we're hanging out at each others' places, out of public view.

  • Have you considered carrying it in a messenger bag?

    • Honestly, I would not, because I am trained to establish my grip the way I have it set up. Plus, carrying a bag or backpack with me everywhere during a date is difficult to disguise, and it's a pretty big tell.

    • I'm interested in responses to this question, and I'm disappointed that it hasn't gotten more. You might try featuring it or making it again with a more direct headline. I would try something like "How would your opinion change of a man if you saw him carrying on the first date, if at all?"

    • I guess it hasn't been that long since you asked it; maybe you will get more responses than I thought to this one.

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