Dating a younger girl?

Ok so I am in high school and all the guys I've talked to think I am in my early twenties... I just turned 16... there are a few guys I've really liked but are all in their late teens to early twenties... no guys my age seem to approach me... as far as appearance goes I've been told on average about a 9... but I'm constantly single... I want a boyfriend even if it wasn't serious... will an older guy date me even if it could get him in trouble or should I just try harder with guys my own age...


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  • An older guy would be interested in you more for sex than anything else, being 16 versus say 20-24, two completely different worlds.

    Mind you that's for those willing to flirt with serious trouble, 16 is the legal age of consent in most states but age of consent laws are very grey, there is no real hard line unless the older person involved is a teacher or counseler or cop (someone in a position of authority over the younger person).

    If you're not worried about it being serious or not, try getting yourself an older guy, someone will go for it.


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