Why are girls placed on a pedestal?

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I know I will. Guys "have" to:

1) initiate

2) ask out

3) be wealthy

4) have a strong social status

5) pay for most of the dates

6) have a strong body with low fat

7) plan the dates that we're expected to pay for

8) initiate the relationship and keep it moving forward

9) keep the girl interested with emotional rollercoasters

meanwhile, nothing is expected of girls. most of them look like absolute sh1t without makeup. why is it that a gender that has contributed next to nothing (the only thing being orgasms) to mankind is placed on a pedestal... worshipped... pressured to be pursued and "won over". right now, they just bounce between 1950s gender roles and 2011 modern woman only when it benefits them? why are most men still white knights who encourage this? why is prostitution illegal when normal "dating" is really just about putting p*ssy on layaway?

/confusion rant

if you're going to respond with the generic "you just haven't met the right one", please close your browser at this time.

read the last line before posting. it's there for a reason people.
@Kain6th, if you don't like me, you're more than welcome to find something else to do with your life rather than stalking someone you clearly dislike, just to talk down on them. there have been respectful posters in here, and I've shown them the same respect. but, if someone decides to rush in here just to bash me with assumptions, I reserve the right to tell them off.
@ the other generic comment, "man wouldn't exist without us! rawrrrrr!". ok... you don't exactly impregnate yourself. and I already alluded to sex/kids/birth in my original post. can we get over that? if having kids is the only thing y'all can think of... then... wow. crazy how I question one of the norms of society, and a bunch of butt-hurt broads bash me... but if I respond, then I'm wrong. yeah... so much for equality.


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  • because women are taught they should commit to a perfect guy, and that their pasts shouldn't matter to that sooouuull mate. so they slut around and chase after their hypergamous instincts

    • +1 for actually answering the question.

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    • lol I heard that... surprisingly you're still getting up arrows, heh. I'm surprised that no one has raged yet. by the way, are you at the main campus? I just left penn state (not university park though).

    • yeah I'm at University Park, it's where I graduated from .state college ha ha man you see so much sh*t here.

      and it's probably all guys that are thinking "this dude says what we all wana say"

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  • Because us women give birth to you men =D If it wasn't for us popping you out of our vagunas, you wouldn't be here right now to rant like a bitch. =D

    Prostitution is illegal because of the health and safety concerns and because of the way money is made. It is a criminal offence to live off immoral earnings, to keep a brothel, pimp, do kerb crawling and to solicit.

    • Amazing +1

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    • I have the most upvotes on here too. Don't hate :D The upvotes give me xper, the downvotes do nothing :)

    • you're bragging about XP on a website? well that explains everything. you're a post-whore, no-life having, loser.

  • Yikes, you must have had some GREAT dating experiences to have such a high opinion of women.

    I actually agree with you in some respects. I think that the "role" of women has become a confusing issue because of the conflict and contradictions that exist between feminism and traditional female roles. Women are the nurturers, we bare the children and are more emotionally expressive - that is undeniable. But at the same time, we've been inducted into the work place and play a key role in economics and politics, in addition to our domestic roles. Now, we seem to battle between the two. We promote equality, but tend to expect concessions and "chivalry".

    Men are the 'dominant' sex. Historically, you are the providers, the protectors and so on. I think as a society we still hang onto those ideals and it transcends into how women and men communicate and relate. Men are generally expected to initiate relationships and support their partner.

    I think these traditional views are being challenged, though. More women are approaching men, paying for/splitting bills on dates, having their own status, etc. It's obviously still developing, but we're getting there.

    As for your superficial generalisations - that's silly. Men often demand the same thing women do. Education, good looks, good status and whatnot. Those aren't exclusive to women. Those silly requirements and standards depend entirely on the individual.

    And for "nothing is expected of girls" - that is BS. you say men have to have strong bodies with low fat, then go to criticize women for not looking good without makeup - double standard. Yes, some women contradict themselves when they say they want to be treated as equals but supported completely. But most just want to be respected.

    If we contribute next to nothing, maybe you are batting for the wrong team.

    • "And for "nothing is expected of girls" - that is BS. you say men have to have strong bodies with low fat, then go to criticize women for not looking good without makeup - double standard. Yes, some women contradict themselves when they say they want to be treated as equals but supported completely. But most just want to be respected."

      Ooooh good one!

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    • Sigh. To each their own. I hope you let go of your bitterness.


    • i hope you learn how to construct arguments relative to the topic at hand, while showing the emotional maturity to leave your personal feelings toward them out of it. good riddance.

  • oh yeah. and your list is brilliant? please. no. some people are just lazy in relationships and don't give a f***. Honestly, if you have such a huge problem with women wanting to be adored then you should turn to the other team.

    You generalize women into one thing. not every women is like that or going to be. so I really don't appreciate you saying that women don't do anything.

    I'm sure men do the same thing to men.

    Don't act like men can't dog out a women or that they are the ones working so hard to keep a relationship alive.

    It's a two way street. everything you named...women have to go through it too. Some men aren't good in bed and don't give a f*** and only care if they cum.

    But why bother explaining it to someone who doesn't really care for the answer or understand that it's hard work to maintain something real.

    • adored... so what if we men sat around and did nothing and explained it by "we want to be adored"? what if we too, just brought nothing to the table and expected everything to be handed to us on a platter? what if we too felt that we should be coddled and receive special treatment due to our genitals. if being confused and asking questions about one-sidedness makes me a bad guy, then maybe you grow up...

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    • I'm not talking about a few. There are a lot. Yes there are exceptions but this isn't some golden rule. it isn't la la land. If you display yourself in a certain way certain women are going to be attracted to you. if you act like a jerk then don't expect to get sweet girl who will work hard for you. doesn't matter how long you've been in the game its how you play it.

    • why me? sweetie... I think you might be in denial or angered by my question and are looking to take personal jabs at me. I'm looking at typical American society as a whole...not MY interactions.. not YOUR interactions. generally speaking, I think we both can agree that women are pursued for next to nothing, and in turn, aren't really pressured to be... useful?

  • This is the last comment I'm going to make. mk?

    In GENERAL - okay? You would have to look beyond what is in front of you. How else are you getting your ideas or opinions if you don't experience it for yourself?

    If you see something in your environment enough, you are going to think it is normal but in fact there is a much wider spectrum beyond what you are seeing. If you grow up and see violence, you're going to think it's normal to do those things.

    I'm not in denial or angered.

    I'm in awe because you can't seem to realize that in a relationship not everyone pulls their own. Its not one gender. Men do it. Women do it.

    No one is better then the other. No one person is perfect. But you can't seem to grasp that.

    People choose whether or not they will work hard in their own relationship if they care enough to do so.

    There is no point in asking a question when you don't care what the other person has to say or even consider what they are saying. If you are just going to stick with what ever you're going to say and not be open to any other possibility. Then that's you. Don't bother asking then. You can't put the same labels on everyone and expect it to stick.

    • Yeah we only have to play by the QA's rules here apparently. even thought his premise is quite faulty.

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    • +1right on!

    • i am looking beyond my self. I'm looking from the cities I've been to, this website, other websites, other forms of media. don't try to act like every single relationship is different and unique. otherwise there wouldn't be any gender roles, now would there?

  • because guys are very very horny, are always using the "I have the instinct to spread my seed" line to get through life, they need to check out girls, wack off to p.rn, and fantasize about their lady friends. Women always need to try to keep up with this with their looks and its stressful...Well women have the instinct to get picked up, get taken out and be supported, you can't have it all.

    • who doesn't have to keep up with their looks. at least mention something that doesn't have a direct counter.

  • first off your rant is very once sided. guys expect women to be:

    1. slim bodies with large breasts

    2. perfect body(no stretch marks, cellulite, perfect t*ts, no scars, long hair)

    3.super mom (working full time and coming home caring for the man and kids STILL maintaing her looks and body)

    4.be chaste until marriage/save herself for her husband

    5.be respectable

    you have to look at both sides not just be biased! personally I refuse for a guy to pay for ANYTHING. mainly because guys always expect something in return aka sex if he does anything for you so therefore I never accept anything.

    • yes, men "expect" all these things yet I've never seen a woman in better shape than her man. hmm?... in all honesty, women with with small breasts, cellulite, and stretch marks are always pursued by tons. I actually haven't seen a girl w/o cellulite and stretch marks. I think your're confusing "expect" for "hope".. or even "dream". and save herself until her husband, repectable? I think you're just making up anything to fill space.

  • lol. Wow.hahha. wow.

    Chicks do things.

    You act like men don't expect things from women and women just sit there and say "Yes, keep adoring." No.

    They have to keep up their looks.

    They have to be there for their man.

    They have to cook.(at least know how to make eggs ppl. lol.)

    They have to be a lady

    They have to be a freak in da sheets.

    They have to do lots of things that I really don't feel like listing anymore. lol.

    You're only meeting certain types of women. Not all women are like this. It's the same with guys. Some guys don't do sh*t. It depends on the person.

    Don't get mad because you meet women who expect you to do every single thing. lol.

    • gone are the days when people actually read, started a logical thinking process, and then repsonded to the question at hand. I even gave the disclaimer its own line at the very end for the ADD by the way, everyone has to "keep up with their looks", "be there", "be a [insert gender]", "be a freak in the sheets". you say they have lots of things that you don't even feel like typing anymore then you go and list the most generic sh1t I've ever read lol.

    • its a lot easier to be a "lady" than a "gentleman".

  • I initiated the relationship with my boyfriend, my boyfriend works hard for his money and didn't have much when we started dating, as far as social status goes; we have a small group of friends that we hang out with some times and he makes friends with people he works with but we don't even have to deal with 'status' or whatever.

    He's paid for me to go to the movies once cause I was low on cash but I'm paying at least 200-300 dollars for our next date. We normally pay for ourselves. I really pay attention to what I eat so it's nice to have a partner who watches his weight and eats right plus, having a strong man in the bedroom is ideal.

    He and I both work on moving the relationship forward, and I have bipolar disorder so I'm an emotional roller coaster biologically. I'm so happy that I've found someone who's willing to be patient and helpful to me.

    My boyfriend and I do not have an abnormal relationship.

    as for women doing nothing for our culture, we are exactly equal to men, we work just as hard as you do and we have the same goals and ambitions as you do. The only thing that is different is that men slander women and hate them, like you and spread nasty lies that we are bad.

  • Go seek counseling.

    • haha why because he realizes how f***ed up things are

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    • There's being annoyed/bothered by some of this stuff, then there's being hateful. This fool is clearly more hateful than annoyed. He's also sorely misinformed if he thinks that all women think like this. I mean, some of the examples he gave are asinine and ridiculous as far as standards that women have. What kind of women has HE been around? Some of what he listed sound made up or a standard guys set up amongst themselves.

    • You have 1 up and 6 down. You've proved that you are mentally unstabled as a simple question has easily caused you to be emotionally distraught. I like how you can't refute my statements so you turn and bash me. Maybe you need counseling for better self control

  • depends where you're from. I live in britain and it's not like that. asking out is usually a mutual thing, at the minute all of my female friends are the ones trying to keep their relationship moving while their boyfriends just sit there and we do a lot of stuff for ourselves. also, I don't expect all of that from a guy

    don't be so sexist.

    • this is for Americans ol' chap

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    • that's just it. that's my question essentially. why WON'T guys do it? they seem to look at them as a prize or something. idk

    • I am from Britain also, and things are exactly the same here in my experience.

  • From a psychological standpoint, there is a significant amount of evidence linking the behaviors of females/males when partner seeking to both evolution and genetics. Men look for younger/attractive females while women look for successful males with a high amount of resources. The theories, which have been supported, are that males need to spread their genes to as many potential partners as possible, often making women become "sex objects". Women on the other hand, need to find a male to support their offspring with as many resources as possible, often making men into "success objects". These behaviors have been present throughout evolution. SO, yea girls play hard to get, look for signs of wealth, commitment, and dominance in men, but it all counterplays what men do, which is look for as many attractive girls that will sleep with him.

    Google some studies, it's legit.

  • I agree with your side but we also have a list of things for our gender too, it's life! It's f***ed up. lol

    • i would like this list. I would like to see how they compare. thanks

  • When you push an 8lb baby out of your vagina you give me a call

    • He might be able to. It sounds like he already has one.

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    • "Suck a d***." Is that all YOU have?

    • at least you'd be useful, because right now, the only thing you want to do is keep checking my thread to bash me. if you can't handle a simple question, that's your fault. you got 1 up and 5 arrows down for a reason.

  • Woman haven't contributed that much to history because we were never ALLOWED. Men bitch about gender roles when it's usually them who enforce them, woman had to fight for the rights to be allowed decently paid work, to be allowed to walk down the street without a chaperone and be allowed to be strong and good at sports,

    This guy talks about equality, But I can guarantee he doesn't want woman to stop shaving our legs, wearing skirts and make up, he doesn't think about he d balance a career house work and family life equally with his life partner. If he truly believed we should all be so equal id agree with him.

    but really this guy is just a lazy mother f***er who is bitching that p**** doesn't fall imto his lap from the sky. He stills calls girls sluts and prostitutes and wonders why they don't come seeking his attentions.

    • weren't allowed to? what's your excuse for present day? and you're mad about shaving your hairy legs or wearing makeup? how bout you bench 275lbs and work up to 200lbs of low fat, then tell me about women's struggles. feck outta here...

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    • dude in all honesty, you just gotta stop looking inward and start looking outward- women are really easy to figure out (their emotions, how they tick, what motivates them, what arouses them). once you figure all this sh*t out, its easy to use them and get them to do what you want

      message me man

    • I like how you lack the brain cells to refute me so I must hate something. I question a norm, and because I expose something, you all get up in arms about it. InsecureGirlsAskGuys at it's finest.

  • Us women pop out the kids :)

  • Because of d***s like u

  • " why is prostitution illegal when normal "dating" is really just about putting p*ssy on layaway?"

    That is so true. And in my opinion, that's why the guy is paying for all the dates.

    I'm fine with dating many guys as long as the following is understood:

    He doesn't expect sex from me and I don't expect him paying for me.

    I agree with NoOneListens2. A lot is expected from a girl you're just not aware of it because you're not a girl.

    You know some girls have to snack on carrots and the bare minimum for years to keep her figure and beauty. Do you have any idea how difficult that is? But you want the girls you go after to be hot or you wouldn't go after them.

    I don't think "you just haven't met the right one" I think you've got an understanding of the majority of girls out there, you've just got to understand the kind of guys there are out there, they match up perfectly.

    • i like your response (will I may not agree COMPLETELY). let me ask you this? do you think snacking on carrots is harder than lifting hundreds of pounds regularly? to be honest, I don't see how it's hard to be a girl. you apply make-up, and you go from "ehh"... to "gotdamn!". and you never have to do anything, but people are always out there willing to do their best to please you. I just don't see how society is so unbalanced. it's unbelievable at times.

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    • She and I view it as this: "How can I respect you if you do not respect yourself?" She maintains good health and I maintain good health. As far as the $$ goes, I would say that she does far more for me with money, but I attempt to balance out the spending. It's either she pays, half and half, or I pay, but mostly 50/50. She and I are equals, it's as simple as that. I wouldn't expect anything from her that I wouldn't expect from myself. These women exist, you just have to find them.

    • IMO, get out of the bar. It'll do nothing but upset you. Leave the sluts with too much makeup on in the bar with the bros that want nothing but some quick ass. Set standards for yourself and don't falter in the act of abiding by them. You can ask why the majority doesn't do the "right" thing, but that's a blind struggle. The majority of this world is stupid and you can see it all around you. It's life. That's it. Be patient and work for what you want.. You'll find it.

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  • Wayy to generalize every female out there buddy. There's some truth to some of it, but it doesn't apply to every single woman out there.

    There are many women out there who work there asses off, go to universities become doctors, lawyers etc. where's your criteria for those women?

    You honestly sound so super bitter about women that you see them as the enemy now. They are not.

    • Perfect answer! We are not the enemy!

    • i don't see anyone as an enemy. if I'm bitter for questioning a cultural norm... for question why one side waits and has everything come to them while one side is pressured to pursue it, then you should maybe grab your balls back.

  • aight dude here it is: ya its harder to be a guy. we have to work for what we get and have to put ourselves out there much more. HOWEVER, the reward is so much higher! think of all the fun we can have as guys. plus we can make it ourselves. if you are an ugly dude, that's OK you can work your ass off and make it huge and do what ever the hell you want. if you are an ugly chick, you are kinda SOL. that being said there is nothing easier than being a hot chick. but really do you want an easy life or a fun one? I like fun

    • i'm not knocking your opinion dock, but what I wonder is WHY? why is it this way? why are we expected to do everything while they wait and expect everything to come them? why the unbalance, is all I ask.

  • Women don't put themselves on pedestals, certain guys choose to put them on a pedestal. And those are the guys who don't get any.

    • i respectfully disagree. I've already seen plenty of posts on this website to the effect of "well, I have to be skinny and wear makeup so I deserve all the best, even though what I do is really no challenge at all".

  • "if you're going to respond with the generic "you just haven't met the right one", please close your browser at this time."


  • I definitely agree with bouncing the gender roles.

  • You seem to be messing with the wrong women. I have this buddy who treats women like absolute crap and yet he gets more tail than any dude I've ever met. Explain that mr wizard... since you know so much about women.

    • WOW I like how the QA feels he can be immature and throw names at people like that. real nice there!

    • wow kainth, I like how people can insult me, but I can't do it back. suck a d1ck and die

  • Females are the more valuable sex in the context of procreation. This is why males must compete to pass on their DNA but for females it's a given. Only around 15% of males are worthy of passing on their DNA in the eyes of women.

    • yes... the quesiton is WHY? you seem to have missed that. I can't help but wonder WHY they are so valuable while contributing nothing but sex to mankind.

    • "...contributing nothing but sex to mankind." False. Supply and demand is the answer. Women give birth, and can only have a very limited number of children. Men can impregnate countless women throughout their lives. There is a low demand for sperm, but a high demand for eggs & wombs. This is why the males compete and fight to breed, but not the females.

    • supply and demand for sex has nothing to do with contributions. you kind of went of on your rant there. I already alluded to them having a guy's baby with the orgasm comment

  • Two days later and still an a**hole. I had hoped that your angry rant was due to alcohol abuse. Anal leakage? Sand in your vagina? Why are you so mad?

  • Great discussion what a way to stick it to them!

  • It isn't always like that. The male dominated societies, created a system where women could not be anything, so nothing was expected of women. This put ALL pressure on the men, and made women pretty much worthless. Wives were often just another mouth to feed that offered far too little in return. Each new generation we are seeing more and more women that are being forced to offer more to their men, than just orgasms and housework.

    • Why would ANYONE forsake a life where you sat home, f***ed and did meaningless tasks is beyond me.

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