He lead me on and "broke my heart"...what do I do?

I had been talking with this guy over Facebook for a bit over a week and we went on a "date" for drinks. After the date, he continued to message me and flirt everyday. He told me last night he was going out to this club, asked if I was going and got excited to know I was. We met up but then this other girl he's been hanging out with was there, got territorial and began touching him more and then kissed him/madeout with him right in front of me. Even though he didn't "break my heart" since it's just the beginning of things- it still hurts because I built my hopes up and they just got crushed. What can I say to him to let him know he hurt me by leading me on? Or should I not say anything at all?


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  • How was he being flirtatious with you? Sometimes guys can be flirtatious without being wary of it. Ask him if she's his girlfriend and why he went out with you if she is (though a guy and girl can still hang out one-on-one and not have it be a date). Don't so much communicate being heart-broken, but show more concern for his relationship if that's what it is.

    • He was joking about arranged marriages, telling me I was pretty, suggesting we travel together, he payed when we went out (even though I offered), asked why I didn't have a boyfriend, if I've ever been in love, if I smoked, and if I was the kind of girl to look for a new guy every time I go out, suggesting I teach him how to dance in the club, etc- which made it seem as though I was a prospective girl...Plus messaging me everyday and having hour long + conversations.

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    • She's not his girlfriend. He met her about a week before me. He messaged me this morning asking what happened to us last night and later that day if I was better. I told him I wasn't mad about not getting in and he asked if it was something he did. I said yea and he apologized and said he felt bad even though I don't think he knew exactly what it was...unless he knew and didn't admit it. He said he'd only seen this girl 3 times and its evidently nothing serious...

    • Then it seems as if there's not much to worry about. Maybe she was competing for his attention.

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