How to get a guy to text you first?

i really like this boy and I think he may like me back thing is I'm kinda hated by a lot of people in my grade so I didn't go for him until one day I decided to just what the heck go for it I texted him and he responded we texted for a while and then I didn't hear from him in a while so one day I texted him again and he answered so I don't think he's trying to ignore me but I would like for him to make the move


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  • Flirt with him and drop invitations in hints ranging from VERY subtle -> fairly obvious but indirect hints. Example: Say something like "I really want to go swimming but I hate going alone :(". If he's not doing anything (perhaps ask that early on in the conversation so you know he's not), he'll offer to go with you. This way, he'll technically be making the move on you since he's inviting himself. If he misses the point or doesn't respond in the appropriate way, you can easily back out by saying "Oh, well. My friend doesn't work tomorrow! I can go another day without going :P" and try again in the future.

    • My apologies: I answered the question of how you get him to ask you to hang out while you were already on texting terms. I guess, with it being Saturday night, I'm not in the right mind-set to answer questions, lol.

    • lol that's fine it gives me some good ideas tho :)

    • Haha! Glad I could help on step...2! XD Good luck with this :3

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  • I don't get it. Maybe because I'm an old fogey, a so-called Generation X'er, but I regard texting as so LAME. Don't people talk anymore? Yeah I say this as I'm posting a message. So sue me.


  • mm I don't know just tell him you like him


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  • I know you don't want to hear this, but the best move you can make is to wait it out. If he's interested, he'll contact you. :) And there's nothing more attractive than a person who has a life outside of the object of their desire.

    Best of luck and stay busy!

    • yeah you're right lol :P I guess ill have to just waitt thankss tho I'm glad to have heard it from someone else :)

    • Waiting for a boy can seem like FOREVER (allll of us have been there), so try to find something to occupy your time! Start a new hobby, catch up with an old friend, learn to play chess, etc. Get creative and I'm sure he'll come around in no time at all!