At what age does a woman become less desirable as a potential wife?

I'd like to hear what men think. I don't mean to be disrespectful or insulting to anyone in asking this...I know it is a blunt question...but I'd like an honest answer. you are looking for a wife, what age range are you looking for? I'm 27, and am worried that it's too late for me...I'm only asking because I've been told many times that I'm too old to find a decent guy...and I have overheard men talk...and all the ones I know have a wife/serious girlfriend that is younger...most of the men I know that are 27 and older are already married. Also, I've noticed that women that get married at an "older" age, like 30..have been in a relationship with the guy for a while.

Also, if a woman has never been in any sort of romantic relationship with a man before, would you question what is wrong with her? Because people ask me that quite a bit.

I'm not even sure if I would bother getting married, but now am not sure I have that option otherwise, anyway.


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  • I find this question odd, I really do. Maybe it's cultural. Sure a lot of people settle down very quickly, then again, a lot of people don't. A lot of my friends are in their late 20s, of both sexes, and many aren't married, or are single, many even still live at home (a capital offence in the US I believe!). There's just such myriad circumstances, as many tied down as there isn't, that I just don't understand why this question is posed. Think about it, if 40% of the 10,000s of the eligible males in your area are single, and 60% are tired down, that still leaves a hell of a lot single. This notion that there must be wrong with them, in the sense that they're nasty, ugly or whatever, is also fallacious. As I say, there's so many circumstances. One friend I know, a perfectly nice chap, recently split up with his partner of 4 years. I think that often the plebeian or provincial types are the ones who settle down quickly. Maybe they don't have much else to look forward to. Small town syndrome?

    What are men looking for agewise? Well I can't speak for all men, but of course, younger women are physically more attractive, tighter bodies and such. Having said that, there are lots of facets to attractiveness, including maturity and insight which often comes with age. So, I'm at least willing to date up to my age and a little older.

    "Also, if a woman has never been in any sort of romantic relationship with a man before, would you question what is wrong with her?"

    Well it's certainly unusual but I wouldn't deem her some sort of freak. I'd just be curious. I'm just open minded generally though, and I don't necessarily exclude people just because they have lived a non conventional life.

    • Thanks very much for your response : )...I think you may find the question a bit odd...because yes, it is cultural.

    • Do you live in a small town? I think this is a city to small town thing rather than a country to country thing. However is this is really a country thing, I'm sure there's many men here who would appreciate a pretty, quirky American girl ;)

    • Well...I don't live in a small town...I'm from Detroit...not the biggest or best city in America...but it's getting nicer every year. I actually really like big cities and would not be able to live in a small town ever...

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  • As I mentioned in your other question, you are an attractive, young lady. It sounds like you have had some bad experiences that have damaged your confidence. At 27, you are not too old or off the market. Actually, many people are waiting to later in life to get married, have children, etc. I didn't want to get married until I was at least 25 and no children before 30. I met both goals and have a more successful relationship with my wife and son for it. I was too immature before those ages.

    'Child bearing years' does have some bearing on a guy's decision as to looking for a wife to some degree. You still have at least 10+ years in that category.

    If people ask you why you haven't been involved with anybody, tell them that you are still looking for the right guy. It's none of their business - and you deserve to be happy in the right relationship.

    I also offer you a challenge. Think about past relationships you have had. What kind of guy did you look for? How did they treat you? How did you treat them? Were you happy? Was he happy? Is there only one type of guy you find acceptable? Is there anything about a guy you simply won't accept about him? This may tell you something about what you are looking for, and why you are not finding him?

    • Well, thanks for your reply. Yes, the amount of child bearing time I have is something I think about a mom got married at 19 and had me by 21. Past relationships? I have never had a romantic I can't answer some of them...but I will think of the others. Thanks very much : )

    • I wish you all the best. You are a pretty girl who seems to have a good head on your shoulders. It would be a shame for a guy not to find out about you. Have you checked in to singles, social groups? There are many available. If you are involved with a church at all, see about a singles group / activities there as well. Sure beats looking in the bars. My brother found his fourth wife in a bar...

  • I would encourage women who are serious about being married to start finding the guy in their mid-late 20's and then get married after a few years later around the early-mid 30's mark. Of course, it's possible to meet a guy when you're 33, date for 5 years and get married at 38 or even older but considering children and things like that, it's best not to wait too long. At your age, I would say you have about 4 year to find a serious boyfriend for your situation to be ideal. Of course, this is only MY idea of ideal. Perhaps many would completely disagree with me. We'll see XD

  • honestly for me if she give up her virginity before marriage and she gave her virginity to a jerk thug player or whoever and anybody she sees I lose respects for her but if she is willing to wait till marriage I respect her a lot more so if she is like my age and I'm 23 I will give her a chance but if she don't wait till marriage I won't date/marry her because I'm still a male virgin and I'm saving my virginity till marriage and I expect her to do the same I hope this answer you question and if you have questions about this comment feel free to ask if you want and I try my best to answer your questions if I can answer it and I do understand how you feel

    • if she is legal to date older like if she is 18 or what ever I might try and date her I say this because I will never break the law so don't give up I'm sure they will date/marry you if you keep looking I don't see they don't date you I like your picture you look beautiful I don't see why they don't date/marry you well that's just my opinion I wish you good luck and I hope everything turns out OK for you

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    • No, you weren't offensive at all. There are difficulties on both sides. I don't know what to do about it...but if you ever find out, let me know : )

    • OK if I get a chance I will I'm only asking your opinion to see if you know why they keep doing this even though they knew he was a bad man from the start

  • I understand what you are going through. I mean I'm 32 and have recently started worrying about that myself. I didn't even think about marriage until I was about 27 or so when all of my buddies were getting married, growing up, and I was like sh*t I better get with the program. I started to feel like a loser...not so much because I was not married but that I didn't even have a special someone in my life.

    But its absolutely silly to think 27 is old its totally not. I saw your picture you are a pretty girl and you would have no problem getting guys believe me. Your very attractive. I mean guys like women as young as 18 just because that's the way men are wired...kind of why women are attracted to men who are rich and can provide for them. Its all that DNA biology stuff.

    But to get more real with you men are very good at picking up signals about how a woman carries herself. And although you are definitely attractive my guess is you have low self esteem and/or trust issues with men. You need to put yourself out there more. Maybe you have become jaded like me and have had your heart broken. I know what you are going through I am the male version of you and I am so lovesick I feel like sh*t. You need to get out there and do activities to meet guys, go to church, do speedating, join ten dating websites, the more you put yourself out there the more likely you'll find your match. I realized dating is a numbers game. I would also see a psychiatrist too because there is something else going on with you. work on your self esteem and figure out why you have not met that men you are doing something to repel men or are giving out cold signals like say away from me. The more you focus on you think your being too old because some guy is ogling a 21 year old instead of you is silly. I personally like women who are 19 or 20 but I equally love women who are 45 or 50 seriously its all about how you carry yourself. but since you never had a serious boyfriend I would worry about just having that instead of marrying because when you find your first boyfriend and start dating your probably gonna wanna get married and married quickly and hell sense it and freak out. my advice if you feel you have lost some of your dating years then date multiple guys at once seriously...its not slutty. its smart and guys do it all the time until you find someone who you get serious with and fall in love with.

    Im five years older than you and I have had very few dysfunctional relationships. And am normally attracted to unavailable women. I have mommy issues I guess and low self eseem even though I'm a decent looking guy. You crave intimacy but are afraid of it too. I get it...hit me up if you have more ?s good luck.

    •'s great to hear your story...thanks : ) I'm sorry you had some bad relationships...but it's also good, because you have a lot of experience on what not to do. My uncle is 39 and is not married yet...he just has not found anyone either. I'm certain you will have lots more are only 32...and men are desirable at any age. Yes...I have been seeing a psychiatrist for a year now...on a weekly basis. Let's just say...I've had some issues in my life...

    • And a very dysfunctional family growing up. Yep...I do have trust issues...I was really stalked and had to get a restraining order...leave college and move back in with my parents. I'm doing a bit better now. Anyways..thanks so much for your help...and I really wish you the best : )

  • To be very honest... I'd say 35... Because that is the age having babies becomes higher risk. I would consider that. Luckly my girls younger than me by a bit...

  • Over 30.

  • I'd say that fact that you haven't had any real romantic relationships plays in your favor. I think the reason why guys don't like to get involved like that to someone in their late 20s and above is because they usually have ex-husbands and possibly a kid or two by then. Since you don't have that problem, I'm sure you'll be fine for a while.


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