Who actually pays, the guy or the girl?

I want to ask this guy I like, if he's paying, I'm paying or we're splitting the bill. I don't mind either way. I don't wanna assume he will and him doing the same.. I'm not sure if it's a date or just hanging out.. It'll be the first time that we're actually going out together.. After, talking to him so many times at work.

I just don't wanna go and not have money. I'm not sure if it's a date or just hanging out.. How can I know which one it is? I'm afraid to him.

See, I don't know if it's actually a date or just hanging out..

I believe he asked first. But okay, I'll bring money.. I don't mind it. But honestly, if he doesn't pay for the both of us. That will be the first and last time I ever go out with him.


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  • 3 questions:

    1. why don't you know if it's a date or just hanging out?

    2. what do you mean you "believe" he asked you out first?

    3. why wouldn't you go out with him again if he didn't pay for your way?

    • 1. He seems nervous to ask me out (it seems like) and I don't wanna ask him which one it is.

      2. I made the step of asking so what plans does he have on his day off.. Went on from there.

      3. Generally, guys pay for the first date (If it was the case) and it's more gentlemen like.

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    • I shall. Thanks. :)

    • Thanks for B.A.

      Now, don't worry about the money & stuff. Just relax, be yourself. Enjoy.

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  • Reach for the bill as if you will split it and let him tell you he's paying for the whole thing if he wants to. The worst thing you can do is just expect him to pay because if the date is not going as well he'll really be ticked off by that.

  • Simply expect to pay for your own meal. If he was intending on paying for you, when the waitress asks "Separate bills?", he'll either accept or decline. Either way - be ready to pay for your share and nothing can go wrong.


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  • Well, you didn't say how or who asked whom out. So my best answer is this. Take money with you, and/or a credit card. I think you always should anyway, just in case.

    Are you going for dinner or drinks?

    If he asked you out, he will probably pay.

    If you asked, you should pay.

    If you were both just talking about meeting up somewhere, it's not a date & you should ask for separate checks.