Mixed up priorities?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half but we always have the same argument.

He's at uni 3 days a week and works 2 days a week 2 hours away. He stays with me while at uni for the three days which is nice but we never go out and do anything. If we do go out I'm the one doing the organising. We usually do go out once a week but that's usually a friends thing or something I've organised. I've spoken to him about this but he just blames uni work or the fact that he's sick.

I know he likes his down time but I feel like I'm holding back on some great experiences.

I need some advice. I've told him how I feel but nothing (so far).

Oh and I'm not just talking about going to clubs and pubs. I'm talking about just going out for a casual dinner or to catch a movie or something!


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  • well basically v guys are lazy so v would choose too rest over everything else, and when v have a girlfriend v dnt like partying a lot because hye what's the point v have our life in our room and damn she's hot

    so when I say this accept it tht you are not missing out nything in life apart frm some druken men molesting yu which I guess ain't cool(I can't be sure hw it feels for m a guy :P)

    n hye listen if you are a partying type then break free of year relation because once a guys in a relation and loves his dame and is not a cheater then he wudnt go out partying or stuff

  • i got year point maybe its because he's dealing wth some sort of crisis or he doesn't want others too know he's dating a hot chick like u

    simple and plain dnt judge just talk too him bout it

    maybe he's hiding something frm you like bad times on work, some1 sick in the fam, frnds f***ing him up or it cud be nything which is making him avoid being alone with you in public


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