Kisses in Facebook conversation?

He's just an acquaintance, I do really like him though, but I doubt he thinks of me as anything more than a friend :/

Anyway, I just started a facebok conversation with him yesterday, and although we didn't get too far, he put 2 kisses at the end- 'xx'..

I don't know if he does that to other people, though I have seen him put hearts (<3) on other poeples walls...

Does this mean anything or am I reading too deeply into this?! Guys- do you usually put kisses on fb chat? I know girls sometimes do but I'm curious...

Thanks :D


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  • guys do such things just for a timeshare

    so let it slide its nothing too big v just want you girls to think tht v are sweet and caring but in reality we dnt have anything in our minds for u

  • i think you're over analyzing

    I always end with 'xx' if I end a conversation with a girl .. so yeah : )


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