Out of sight out of mind. But what if you see them again?

Kinda like having a skeleton in the closet. You move on, get over someone, don't see them at all anymore, they are out of your life. You meet someone else build your life again life is good. But then one day...you bump into them out of nowhere. Unprepared.

Anyone out there know that deep down, if they ever bumped into a certain ghost of their past, that it might still stir up some feeling?

That the only reason things are going so well now really - is cos they are indeed out of sight. What if 2 years down the line you meet that person somewhere, - and all those feelings come flooding back...that...is one of my biggest fears.

Anyone else?

Thanks for your answers but I think you're missing the concept. I am in another relationship almost 18 months now and have never been so happy. My girlfriend was talking about how she is happy she will never encounter a person again (someone she hasn't seen in 7yrs) and 2 of us agreed with her about exes we had that things were quite intense with and although life is happier now with new partners, it is a good thing we will never see certain ex again.

Anyone else feel this way ?


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  • That just means you're not over them.

    Its entirely up to you to move on or not.

    Best way is to just let go...realize it didn't work out for a reason. There is no stronger evidence than the fact that person is your ex.

    For me, I have a method to get over girls quickly, but sometimes if you've dated someone for a long time it can take a lot longer to get over them and no method will work; in other words some "wounds" only heal with time.

    It starts and ends with you. Once you realize that, you can choose: do I look at them the same way? Or do I choose to change my view on the situation. For example, if you always look at the situation the same way, you will always miss them - that means you're not properly over them yet

    On the other hand if you choose to re-evaluate your situation, you can realize how that person really was not everything you wanted; did not live up to your standards; worked for the best that you two are done; and usually it reveals something that makes you go "wow! thank the dating gods I didn't stay with you!"

    However, if you were the one who did something bad i.e. you cheated on them, or you hurt them, you have to learn and move on. So, moving on is not just a simple "task", it does depend on which side of the fence you were on (did you break up, or get dumped)

    But really the wrong things to do are - for me anyway - rebound, hook up with someone else, or spend time talking to other girls (in your case guys) who you aren't really interested in anyways.

    If you come from a "negative" side or "quick fix" solution, it will never solve the real issues.

    It start, and ends, with you + your decisions as to how to deal with it.

  • A girl I've dated for 3 years is in my Math lecture, lol. Once you're fully over them, the feelings are too dead to be stirred. This should only be an issue when you're not fully over said person.


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