Florida state parks passes?

I know you can get annual but can you get weekly or monthly passes for FL state parks? ty :)

i tried looking online but the FL state park website seems to not be up to date...


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  • Out of curiosity what park will you be visiting?

    • Johnathan Dickinson and the Everglades

    • Both are nice parks. Been in both a lot. Have fun! By the way, if you are a college student you may be able to get a free ride in the everglades. Go talk to an ecology professor and tell him you're willing to volunteer with his/her experiments. I had a professor that had multiple air boats and helicopter access. He was in the everglades every weekend. It's an interesting way to see the park if you're into that sort of thing. =)

    • i know I love both parks and hike there all the time in the winter! I'm definitely gonna have fun and take tons of pics :D

      sadly not in college but thanks :)

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  • nope they are a yearly kind of thing, or pay as you go

    • damn...that sucks

      ty :)