A quick game of "date or not a date"?

Meet at a party after he honed in on me in a group conversation. We realized we lived very close on campus and during our conversation he insisted that I talk and talk and talk. When I recommended a movie, he asked me if I would like to see it again. After a yes, he kept reminding me we should watch it together.

Well, a few days later we did. Nothing physical happened but we both want to watch another movie together.

We're both very, very busy people. I really don't want to waste time with someone who isn't interested. What are the chances he isn't interested? Does the lack of physical contact when we were first alone signal respect or lack of interest? What do you think, ladies and gents?


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  • I wouldn't say that a lack of physical contact is necessarily indicative of a lack of interest. For that matter I wouldn't say that the presence of contact necessarily means that a guy is interested. There are lots of reasons why a might or might not make contact. Personally, I'm generally a very touchy and affectionate person but I'm often hesitant to initiate contact with a girl I don't know very well. I guess I just don't want to come off as forward or creepy if I'm unsure of how she'll react (and yes, there have been a few girls who got away because they thought I wasn't interested). If you're worried about it, why not initiate contact yourself and see how he reacts?

    • I don't mind initiating, but I'm riding that tight rope where I want to signal interest, but not say that I'm an easy lay. I display more affection and contact than many, so during our first conversation, I recall gently touchy his shoulders a few times. He started to touch back. So, yeah, he might be waiting for me to move.

  • It was a date and he's interested.


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