Am I just a long rebound?

my ex boyfriend was my first serious relationship. it was a little over a year long. he made me so happy that someone as awesome as him could love me back, but it was fraught with little arguments, mostly due to my insecurities and his arrogance. also, I guess I (stupidly) started pulling away from my friends and just hung out with his. however, although we all got along, I never felt quite part of the circle, so I started to feel quite depressed and lonely. we still loved each other and tried to pull through it. we mutually ended it about a month and a half ago, but to be honest, we both feel like he just dumped me and I tried to be strong and said I wanted it too.

anyway, I'm honestly questioning how sincere his love was for me. he was in a 5 year relationship with his ex girlfriend, and they never really kinda broke up. apparently, it just fizzled and they took a break and he went traveling. while he was overseas, the ex girlfriend found someone else so that was how they ended. this overseas trip was about 9 months before he met me. and while overseas, he had a 2 month romance with some 'amazing' girl who he may have fallen in love with/or infatuated with and he was still kinda sending sweet emails to her all the way up until he met me 4 months later.

i didn't know about any of this timing until much later. otherwise, I would have not got so deep into it. anyway, the first two or three months, he would bring up his 5yr ex girlfriend in conversation, and then kinda stopped when he asked if I was upset by it. and once I found out about the seriousness of the girl overseas, I kinda called her a bitch, and he got really angry at me.

so yeah, I was just wondering if I was just a long rebound. mutual friends always tell me how much he loves me, but they don't know what's in his head. I just feel sick that the whole year, I could have just been a misplaced target for old affections.

and only after one month of our breakup, he's casually dating someone else.


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  • I think so..don't let him do that to you and get out of that with hupim

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