How far to go on a third date?

I have met this girl for three weeks and our first and second date went quite well.

During our first date, we went coffee, swing dancing, and gelato. I impressed her with my swing dance skill and we had a light kiss.

On second date, we went to volleyball game and were kissing multiple times. Then after the game, we made out three times. I temporally lost my grip and kissed and licked her neck, then she stopped me and said "we should take things slow."

so on the third date, I am going to take her to this exotic korean restaurant. Then I am thinking about watching movie at her place and drink some wine or we just go play bowling or pool.

so how far do you think I can go with her? I don't want to smother her, but she is too irresistible. :)


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  • If she thought kissing on the neck was too far on the second date then I would imagine you should restrict your third date activities to just kissing.


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