Dating for a month and now he seems a little distant?

I've been dating this guy for about a month, but we have mutual friends and have known each other for a while. one night after a party, we hooked up. he spent the entire next day at my apartment and 2 days later, asked me on a real date. after our first date, he was starting to drive me a little crazy - he called, he texted, he wanted to meet me for coffee in the afternoons (we work near each other), he invited me over for dinner, he told me how much he liked me... at first, I was apprehensive and a little put-off by this, but as time went on, he chilled a little and it seemed like things were progressing at a better pace and I was starting to develop feelings and things seemed to be headed in a good direction. fast fwd to last Wednesday, we made plans to cook dinner together at his place, but the entire night was just a little awkward and the conversation wasn't flowing as it usually does. I spent the night there and we had sex. the next morning, we took the train into the city together for work and we had a fun, flirty conversation on the train - nothing awkward. we kissed goodbye and went out separate ways. later that afternoon, he sent me a text that he couldn't meet for coffee that day - I responded that it was cool, no big deal. the next afternoon it was raining, so we decided not to meet up - this was Friday. figuring I'd hear from him over the weekend, I didn't think much of it. well, today is now Monday and I haven't heard a peep from him since that quick text on Friday afternoon. I refrained all weekend from texting him and just kept busy with my friends. he has a bartending job, so I know he was working all night Saturday. I guess I'm just looking for some insight here... do you think we're fizzling out? or did he just need a breather? at what point do I reach out to him if he doesn't contact me? I realize 3 days isn't much to freakout over, but up until now, he had been in very regular contact with me. t


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  • He's probably nervous and scared chances are he doesn't want to mess things up

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