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I am taking a girl out (that I have been trying to date for 4 years). We are not strangers to each other but I want to do something significant but cost effective. (college student budget so that rules out Paris).

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DISCLAIMER* Please be around 19-24 years of age as I am.


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  • Do you have a car? My guy gave me the best date of my life one night this summer for the price of gas and two waterbottles.. He picked me up, said he wanted to show me something but the only catch was I couldn't ask where we were going. I trust him so I didn't say anything. Then he strated driving and driving.. and in a couple of hours, we got to the beach in Grand Bend lol. We were there just in time for the sunset, then we sat in the sand by the lake and he showed me a few constellations he knew lol. We talked for a loong time and then he drove me back home. I got home late but wow. lol That blew me away. lol

    I don't know where you live, but I find that the best dates are not when we go to a restaurant or something like that but when its more romantic than anything. Maybe try taking her to your favorite spot, or a place you know its beautiful..

    Another great date (first time we kissed), we went ice skating to a park in the city. I don't really know how to ice skate but he does so he just pushed me around from behind and stuff lol but when I was about to fall he'd always catch me. Then we got in his car when he was gonna drive me home and after a few jokes we kissed. It was so romantic, it was close to Christmas too so there were Christmas lights all over the park.

    In the end though, its not really about where you go, or what you do, or how much you spend, but having a great time together that makes a great date.


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  • Take her out to Olive Garden, $60 for two people. Be careful not to order a daiquiri, they are $8 a pop.

    Ive been there 9 times and I still love the place, you can afford it on a student budget.

    That is the only help I can give you.

  • Arcades are always fun.. bowling? Ice skating maybe, or a trip to the cinema and a walk around the park?

  • Make it a DIY date...they re always the best anyway.

    -cook her dinner

    -make a picnic and drive/ hike/ walk somewhere romantic

    -if you live near a beach build her a drift wood teepee and have a picnic there

    -take her to above mentioned teepee at night and arrange a friend to have it lit up with tee light candles in jam jars.

    - make her a mix tape/cd/playlist and go on a road trip.

    Etc etc.

    ...There's heaps of super romantic crap you can do that won't cost hardly anything, you just have to use your imagination,

    • From Personal experience once when I was new to the northern hemisphere a guy took me out on an Ivey cold night and showed me the star constellations...

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