Seems to like me but, should I just leave her alone?

Hey guys, going to try and make this short and sweet as possible. Girl works across from my job, extremely nice, nerdy, and honestly heart-stoppingly gorgeous. Has a boyfriend, which is fine. We click on almost every single level and she has even openly offered me her number and Facebook. All I've ever wanted to do was hang out with her and get to know her as a friend (even offered for her boyfriend to come along), but she's canceled the offer every single time at the last second, even during dates that she has suggested she was going to be free, at least 5 times. I've not only openly told her how I feel, and that I'm not ashamed of it, but also have told her I have complete respect for her relationship. I feel like I'm waiting around hand a foot like some dog waiting for a bone and it's honestly degrading. I mainly plan on leaving the ball in her court and walking out and telling her to call me when she's ready but, maybe a second opinion wouldn't hurt. Any suggestions?


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  • I agree, I'd feel the same way. Just tell her that and move on with your life. Honestly, she seems to be playing with you, not sure you'd want to be with someone like that anyways.

    • The same way you're toying with me, you heartless user.

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    • Now THAT'S creepy.

      Is it bad that I like you more because of it?

      I think I need therapy...

    • @Kain: it's a line from the movie.

      @cyber-terrorist: SIGH.

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  • I would say back off a little bit. Still talk to her and stuff but don't offer to hang out unless she is the one doing the asking. but if she asks to hang out and continues to cancel last minute then it could be that she is just playing you.


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  • Back off. She has probably just been being nice to you, can see that you might not just want friendship (like she most likely only wants right now), and won't let you get any closer for just that reason (i.e. why she cancels when you want to hang out with her). Let the birdie fly away...

    • Yeah, I think I will. I gave a lot of leeway to show that while I like her, I really don't mind being legitimate friends. Like I said, I offered for her other friends and boyfriend to come and hangout with us, but, you're right, I'll just let her off.

    • If you like her more than friends, which you do...Then I wouldn't fake like you only want friendship just to get close to her. That will not help get you more than friendship with this girl. Girls have a hard time seeing a guy that they have just thought of as a friend, as more.

    • Not faking man, I'm not looking for any recognition or anything but, like I said in the opening question. I've openly told her I liked her, but just because I can't be with her doesn't mean I don't genuinely enjoy her as a person. This may sound strange but my self-control is better than most, she wasn't the first girl who I liked and was friends with because she had a boyfriend, and she probably won't be the last. But you're right, if she feels that way, nothing I can do.