Chicks who keep in touch with their exes.

Honestly I can't stand dating a woman who's constantly chatting with an ex. And Facebook makes it worse. Why is it so hard to just stop chatting with an ex? Its a clear obvious sign he is still trying to get some and its f***ing rude to the new guy your dating. Sorry but if your ex is calling you after 9pm to "chat" then he is up to something.

No1 should have to deal with that while they are dating. and you can't be "Friends" if you already had sex. That entire argument is over. Once you have "feelings" for someone they are no longer your friend.

what is it that keeps you in touch? Still have feelings? Is he one of your backups? No wonder why people can't stop cheating in America, no1 can just let go.

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Half of you blind? Its not about being Insecure. I shouldn't have to deal with exes calling her at all hours, Texting them while I'm taking her out on a date. them hitting on her all over whatever social site she's using. She lies and says she's stop talking to them yet continues to. None of these exes are good friends, or loved ones. They were f*** buddies. Guys who cheated on her or she them and crap like that.
if we ever got in a fight 10 other dudes were ready to "be there" for her. It got to the point that she's texting them while we were laying in bed together. I kicked her out a week ago and NONE of them would give her a place to stay. So she's home with mommy. I'm just wondering why people can't just let exes go. Its nothing but a pain int he ass in a new relationship.
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  • I never keep in touch with ex's. And never will. No reason to cloud your judgement by keeping around half of a failed relationship. Or even worse, ruining your current situation by keeping at ex at arms length as a back up. I saw a really good friend of mine ruin a great relationship with her boyfriend by refusing to stop talking to an ex she claim was "just a friend."

    They got back together after her relationship failed, he knocked her up, then left, and now she's a single parent and has been for the past 3 years.


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  • The glitch repeats disappear after a while.

    I only talk to exes who I have NO feelings for. Its nice to chat with someone who knows/knew you well & you can be relaxed around.

    While I appreciate a little bit of jealousy, and wouldn't want my guy talking to his ex-gfs all the time, I don't think a little friendly contact can hurt, and it sounds like you are overreacting.

  • My boyfriend and I are both still friends with our ex's.

    His ex has been a friend of his since elementary school.

    My ex and I have the same circle of friends so we had to become amicable after our break up, we didn't want to put our friends through having to choose between us.

    I would never dictate who my boyfriend can be friends with because I respect and trust him. He gives me the same freedom. At the end of the day I know he's mine and I'm his :)

  • i would never chat or text an ex during a date with another guy..i don't keep in touch with all of my x bf..but there are a couple..and I will always stay in contact with them why ..because we stayed friends..

  • don't let it turn you bitter btw

    • no, I just won't date for awhile. for some reason all the decent woman here play BS games and expect the best man. And by the time they actually care to respect others then they are all used up and old.

    • I don't believe it to be so. I just hope you don't let this get to you too much. not everyone is the same.

  • too many updates.

  • Honestly, I totally agree with you.

  • lol. Feeling threatened there bud? haha.

    Some people have a deep connection. Maybe the relationship didn't end badly and are still on good terms. there are people who do end things on good terms. They MIGHT have feelings for their ex. But if it's like a childhood friend or someone who has become your best friend before you've dated then its hard to let go of someone who has been there for you for so long and you are still going to care about that person even if you're with someone else.

    It doesn't have anything to do with the new person who comes in. I would hope they would be secure enough to be able to handle the fact that they were still close with their exes.

    Some things may be inappropriate such as sleeping over with one another and masturbating and you get the idea.

    Sometimes people like to keep a spare. It could be for any reason. You should just ask her and find out how she feels and why she continues to talk to her ex. Just because you are doesn't mean you're going to cheat on the new guy with your ex.

    • I dumped her a week ago. All her exes were nothing but f*** buddies. They didn't give a sh*t about her. Kicked her out and she ran back to them. And they ALL gave her the cold shoulder. Now she lives with mommy again. its not about being secure when there's a bunch of hungry dogs sticking their noses in your plate.

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    • @ answerer, I'm afraid we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. That time spent staying close with an ex should be spent with your significant other. Otherwise, the attention ends up split and animosity starts to build. I'd never enter into a relationship where I felt I wasn't getting her full attention, because I'd be giving her mine.

      Not all situations are equal, but I've seen enough end horribly to know its not something I'm willing to deal with.

    • we wouldn't spend all our time together. We would just hang out once and a while and talk on the phone or text like regular friends. =P lol

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  • You should really learn to deal with your insecurities. You'll have healthier relationships and generally be a happier person.

  • Bitches don't keep in touch with an ex. They don't bother because they're cowardly -_q

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