He told me that his girlfriend probably wouldn't want me seeing him.

there's this guy that I like & he's showing a load of signs that he likes me too.. last night he was asking me to meet him up near the park around my house at around midnight but he told me that his girlfriend probably wouldn't want me seeing him.. a girlfriend that he's had for 2 years now..

i don't even know what I am to him anymore and I kind of really want him but I don't know what to do.. I know the right thing is to let him and his girlfriend live a happy life but I want to hang out with him, get to know him more and see where this goes... what do you think I should do?


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  • dont be the other girl, some times you have to let a fish loose, this is one of those times! there are plenty of guys looking for girls, only trouble will follow you if you go with this guy!

    • thanks :) I'm just going to be his friend, cause atm he's actually helping me get through my problems cause he's not treating me any differently like my friends currently are..

    • just don't do anything you might regret

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  • I think you shouldn't do something that could get you hurt. Women can be greedy things and when their property (especially men) seems to be threatened by a new person they tend to fight in anyway possible. I suggest you don't tread on that ground because he may be looking for a fling or might wind up having an 'affair' with you.

    • thanks :) yeah I've been possessive with a guy before but I just need a guy friend atm cause I recently got out of a serious relationship & tbh he's the only one who's kinda helped me through it.. like he doesn't treat me like I'm some heartbroken girl and he's just great to hang out with and have a laugh every now and then :)

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    • yep yep :) I don't know who the girl is anyways, cause he doesn't want to say but I don't want ever want to be the reason for their break up & I'll tell her what I'm going through :) thanks!

    • Of course. ^.^