Does he want to kiss me?

There is this guy who I've only known for a few weeks now, but I feel like iv known forever. We talk on skype like every night. A couple of times until 3 am in the morning. When we see each other at uni we hang out and when he can he touches me, tickles my feet if I'm opposite him or pokes me in the ribs if I'm next to him, he is always going for a hug too. But then again he does this to a couple of the other girls as well...although he told me yesterday that he touches and plays with me the most.He also makes litttle suggestive innuendos about likng me, but never follows through, he doesn't say them out right enough for me to respond, he says things that I can't respond to at the time, but later I can thing of a good response to let him know he has a chance if he wants one, which makes it a little confusing. Now this was OK. Last night he heard I was alone and so came over to watch movies and keep me company. so we were on the couch and he sort of angled the way he was sittting so that I would either have my feet on him or my head. so I snuggled up against his side. And we were just playing with each others hands. Then he would tickle me. and then it escalated...he would slide his hand up my shirt...but as his hands were very cold and it was really tickly id ask him to stop and he would...for a bit then go off else where over my body. Now the bit I was confused about is: he had come down in the couch so that whne I turned my head to face him he was less the 2inches away from my face...and then he would look into my eyes and down to my lips, stroke my cheek or my hair and then turn my head back to the tv...waht does this mean? Was he rejecting me? Or trying not to kiss me because he doesn't know if I would reject him or not? SOmeone please explain how to know when someone wants to kiss you? He does everyting else, rubs his hand up and down my back, tickles me, makes sure I was warm when I was feeling cold etc.I just don't understand. Any tips to get him to kiss me?


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  • He does! He's just nervous, doesn't know how to make the move w/o being awkward, etc.

    Perhaps you should kiss him?


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