How do you expect this guy to react?

someone you've known for a couple months, who's always been genuinely sweet and interested in you but may have rushed things with you two, thus making you feel overwhelmed and break up with him.

if that were the case, how would you want/expect the guy to react?


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  • well no one wants hurt feelings, so I would want the guy to be totally fine with it and understanding. However, emotions get in the way and a guy (or anyone) reacting like that is a long shot. I suppose this would depend on the details. If it was talked about before and she was starting to say "let's slow this down" or things like that but it didn't happen, then honestly the guy should be expecting this. If she made no signs that anything was wrong during the relationship, then I would expect the guy to be confused and upset. I'm assuming she explained that it was rushed at least after the breakup, which in that case, I would still expect the guy to be upset at first because if communication had taken place, perhaps the situation could have been avoided. But, if there is still a friendship or contact or possible feelings still, I would hope the guy would act understandingly, saying "I understand, I'm sorry this happened" etc. and maybe there's a chance for another shot in the future. Or at least a friendship. But I would expect the guy to need some time to recover, as with any break-up

    • Thank you so much for your answer, it was very nicely written, I appreciate it.

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    • Actually it was me sending that friend request earlier, if you'd like to add that'd be cool

    • lol sorry

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