What do guys mean when they say 'I don't have time for dating right now'?

so I'm talking to this guy and when ever I mention actually dating, like boyfriend and girlfriend, he always say ' I don't have time for a relationship right now' ...but its not like he is busy, and we are practically dating anyways just with out he title. so what does he mean when he say right now?


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  • Ok I have experience with this with my ex...if he will not acknowledge you as his girl-friend even...

    then he is not looking for a commitment. I read that he is sensitive even about the word dating!

    Wow...run don't walk away from this douche. I don't have time right now is guy speak for I don't

    want to make the time for a relationship. It sounds as if he wants everything at his convenience.

    Does he call it hanging out when you guys are together. Don't sleep with him and let him disrespect you. It will drag your confidence down in the mud. It is clear you want a relationship.

    He doesn't care that you want a commitment, and sounds very selfish. I know these elusive boys

    can seem attractive and you want to win them over. He is selfish hon and is no prize...bc he

    disrespected your feelings because it sounds as if you guys are intimate but he won't honor you.

    • i think your right, he even texts me every night to say that he loves me which makes it worse

    • I am glad if I helped you realize that you are so much better than this kind of treatment. Guys often

      like to play mind games with girls to feed their ego. It sounds as if he is playing you. I know it is hard even when your brain knows what is right and it is in conflict with your heart. For guys words can be cheap...actions speak louder than words. He is looking out for himself...

      and I think you can do much better. You sound like a sweet girl. Don't be manipulated.

      You sound like a sweet girl

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  • He is basically saying he doesn't mind being with you or having sex with you, but wants to make it clear that if he wanted to have sex with someone else, he could and it shouldn't bother you because your not his girlfriend, which is a really immature way of thinking, and is really disrespectful to even think a girl would put up with this, so you need to realize that you can do better than this loser and find someone worthy of your talents,x

  • not right now it is what it is this guy is not looking for a relationship at the moment..

  • A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain. ~Arabian Proverb


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