Thinking about kissing an old crush?

Whenever I think about kissing my old crush (and I haven't seen or talked to her in forever) I still get butterflies in my stomach, and get a cold rush in through my body, even though my feelings have faded considerably for her, I know they're still not gone. But that feeling is just as strong as ever when I think about being intimate with her.

Is that common? Normal? Has anyone else felt that too?


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  • I get that feeling. I had a bad crush on a guy for years. We were close to a relationship a couple of times, but we never took that step. I still think about him a lot, and I always get butterflies in my stomach when I do.

    • I know how you feel. I had it so bad for her...

  • you're feelings are not faded away. You are still falling for her day by day

    • I wouldn't say that, but my feelings are definitely still there. Maybe all my old fears and pain are just fading though?

    • old fears and pain from the girl?

    • Yes, from rejection and everything else, and because I haven't seen her.

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