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Hi, I'm working in a job where this new girl started around 7 weeks ago, I found out sort of early she had a boyfriend so I obviously took no look at her for a partner but about 2/3 weeks ago he dumped her, then I started noticing her somehow a bit more and just started talking and texting one another a bit more, our job is door knocking for a company in Australia( we are both 18 and only just grad school last year I'm going to uni so ye) but about a week ago one of my m8 nicked my phone and posted this on her Facebook "hey sweetie, I really think we should go out for a coffee or a date or sometime :) I'm really attracted to you and I think we would make a lovely couple :) I see you everyday at work and I could imagine spending the rest of my life with you hehehe, see you soon cutie ;) love you" she has even mentioned it with a few other colleagues around saying she knows I have a crush on her, just keep talking to her and by the way we have negligible amount of time seeing each other with no one else around only time would be through text/call or do I need to make a move of some sort anyway keeping in mind that I have been to shy to do anything towards her due to the break up and we work together, thanks heaps, tbh I would ask her out if we didn't work together


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  • You're not going to be working together very long. Ask her out, just for one date. If it doesn't work it doesn't work. No need for it to be awkward. It's not like you'll have slept together or anything.