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I realize this might have already been asked,Just how important is the 3rd date?I know for a lot of guys,the 3rd date is like make it or break it.How many dates would you have to have before there's potential for a relationship?Do you usually talk about that first,or let the other person bring it up?


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  • I am beyond simple attractions, looking much deeper and I would love to have the type of guy that you are describing but more often then not, these men as well are looking in the wrong places. She has to be hot, perfect, sexual, fun, great socially... I do not try to impress people and I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Men, too, are not immune to charms or sexiess, or what have you, so I believe that your comments can go both ways.

  • Wow, I did not know that. The third date, huh? For me: I may have feelings for a guy at any time depending on how much we connect, yet do not set a time limit for it becoming an actual relationship... As far as bringing it up: Occasionally I will chance it, although on average, guys tend to run away if they think a woman desires to much from them, therefore I would wait and let him approach the subject.

    • Just wondering, when you say you don't have a time limit, are you talking about the number of dates or the amount of time you've known the guy?

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    • I'm not implying that Women don't care about Men's feelings,only that they care about THEIR,feelings more.It's nothing for a women to leave a guy that she doesn't FEEL it for.She could care less about,how great he is,his job,where he went to school,how he treats his family,none of that matters in the least if she doesn't feel it.Tell me that I'm wrong.

    • It take all kinds to make up the world and sure there are plenty of girls attracted to power, money, the action or hot guy, just as men are to women. Personally, I care very much about how my partner feels or even my friends. I may be the exception and not the rule though. I just want to feel relaxed around a guy. Not stressed. That is important to me. I want to be myself without him nitpicking everything to death or changing his mind every day about what he wants or feels.

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