Action Man or not? Initative?

So girls, do you really want us to take lots of action, like in initiative organize lots of things and stuff, always build up a conversation if there's nothing going on like that, or don't you care THAT much?

Or is it true?

Please respond ;d

Watch out Action Man, it's Dr. X! ;p


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  • It would be awesome to have a guy like that...

    Then I wouldn't have to organize everything all

    the time..and it would be less stressful.

    • Well, really my problem is that my voice is kinda low and I don't wanna break a whole conversation with my voice or something.

      When I tlak like that it's always loud, as you know low sounds don't reach very far unless it's loud so...

      So I always make my voice somewhat higher for that but then it doesn't feel like I'm being myself and I never can really lead a normal conversation or something except if it's in a rave atmosphere or something with dancing then it's OK ;(.

      Seriously a problem.

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    • Id have liked more answer by the way uprate my question pls xD everyone who answer gets +1 from me ;d, and I give you best answer if you uprate xD I must have this answered.

    • thank you and I wish you the best! <3

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