Signs he doesn't want to use you as a rebound because?

What can be the signs he respects you and likes you enough not to use you as a rebound?

can one of them be that he doesn't wanna approach you too much or stays away from you , after feeling your support and warm embrace , since he is still thinking about his ex and has hopes they`ll get back together?


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  • He's being really smart about this. You don't say how long it's been since the break up but if he's grieving, let him. Until he's mourned the loss of the other relationship, he won't be ready to fully engage with you. If you want this guy, be around for him but let him work through this on his own. You can even tell him that when he's ready, you'd like to see what would happen with the two of you.

    • yes exactly i`m behaving like this as you say.

      well it`s 2-3 months he `s grieving about this by the way.

      i wrote this because I am also confused now and don`t know what to do.he knows I still like him a I am just curious to know how he feels about me.i know it`s too fast but the fact he wants to rely on me makes me think he finds shelter in me and likes me maybe we can have something together.

    • I think you have to step back emotionally. Make him come to you for comfort and support. I'm not saying ignore him. Just let him invest in the relationship. Men are about the chase so let him chase you a little bit. If he doesn't in the next couple of months, then you'll have your answer and you can move on. If a guy that interests you starts sniffing around, go with it. If guy #1 is really into you, he'll get in the competition and start to invest. If not, let it go.

    • you are definitely right! I have accepted to meet with him since he asked me to , as he needed my company but am not inviting him or something.

      but actually he invited me for x-mas to his country.but I don`t know if he`ll change his mind later on.thank you very much for your advices , very much appreciated.

  • If he acts only friendly with you, he doesn't want anything more and wouldn't want to lead you on.

    • the thing is , he has liked me before he started to date her.

      i was to slow to show my emotions so he moved on with her.

      and now that he is in this bad situation he asked me to go and meet with him cause he needed to talk to someone.we met some days and we slept on the same place together but just hugging, but it was not it a friendly way but that`s all of it.he told me he still thinks of her ..but I can see how he reacts against me too.that`s why I am confused.

    • Previous attraction would be why he is OK with the hugging, but his current emotions tell him to not get involved too quickly with anyone, especially someone who he's had interest in before. Give him time to recover, once he's ready things will progress between the two of you if you both are still interested.

    • yes i`m doing and i`ll do as you also wrote i`ll give him time...i think he`s not OK with only hugging but he stops himself, I know he respects me.and I love him more for that.

      thanks both guys for your answers, it`s really important for me to hear a guy view on this.

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