My first high school dance as a Junior?

I'm a Junior in high school, and homecoming is right around the corner. My only problem is that I don't know how people usually dance at high school dances because I was home schooled 7th-10th grade, and have never been to homecoming or anything. the closest I was to that was going to a ball, but it was only ballroom dancing, and I know that no one does that at homecoming. Please, any advice, tips, explanations on how to dance at a high school homecoming is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!


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  • It really depends on how strict of a school you go to, but usually if you hang out with your friends in a group you can just dance like fun dancing, or if you go towards the middle there's a lot of jumping and putting your hands in the air, and then there's always those guys coming up behind and grinding on you, and if you're not really comfortable with that then you can just kind of dance away. Hope this helps! But probably the best option for your first dance is just dance for fun with your friends!


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  • There's just a giant mosh pit most of the time :O you can stay in a little group instead lol and of course there's grinding. That's all you see in my school homecoming. No1 really 'dances' they're just swaying side to side or fist pumping C: