Is it possible he would be down to hang out sometime?

I realize the only way I will know for a fact is to ask him, but it would be nice to get other opinions.

This guy was in my anatomy class last semester, and he dropped before I did. However, we flirted A LOT and I was fairly certain he liked me. At that point though, I was in a weird spot, he was "too good," and I came across the guy who is now my ex.

He is now in the class after my chemistry class so Ill see him waiting outside most of the time,

This time I walked up and talked to him for the first time since last year. He remembered my name. He reached out like he was going to shake my hand, and it wasn't quite a hand shake but more of a hand grab.

He seemed nice and happy, not super enthusiastic but really laid back.

Im just not sure if he would be down to see me again after my hot and cold act last year. We never went on a date or anything and he never asked me out or anything official.


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  • yeah, sounds like he would be open to it. add him on fb. does he have a gf?


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  • that is a affirmative mission control *kschshhh*

  • I don't know, he may be scared. You look kinda scary


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