Should I just break it off with him?

Okay, so I started talking to this guy I work with about a month ago.

A month ago I needed someone to cover my shift, and one of my co-workers said that someone was on the phone who wanted to talk to me that was willing to take my shift. We talked, he told me he knew my cousin and wondered when we were going to meet.

Later that day, I went home and noticed a friend invite on Facebook from him, I added him and noticed he had a girlfriend, I was crushed but totally moved on. I then received a message from him on Facebook and he as flirting BIG TIME. Asked me for my number,

I decided to give it him. We started talking, he asked me out? and I start thinking to myself "doesn't this guy have a girlfriend", I agreed to dinner but told him just as friends. He then started calling me EVERYDAY and he texted me EVERY MORNING.

Weekend roles around and we go out to dinner, he asks me how many men I have slept with, I tell him I'm a virgin and his eyes lit up and was like "I like you even more now", and I told him straight up "I'm not the kind of girl to give sex up easily, so if

that's what your looking for, don't even bother" and he said he understood. I then brought up his girlfriend, he told me they are not very close as of recently, they fight all the time but they have been together for 2 years and he doesn't know how to break it

off with her. After dinner, we go to his car and he tries to put the moves on me, getting very touchy for a first "date". I did end kissing him (I know, I know, I feel HORRIBLE!), when I got home, I got a text 5 min later from him telling me he had a great time.

The texts and calls continued but slowly started to die down after 2 weeks. But we still went out on a second date and we ended up doing more then just kiss (NO SEX THOUGH), he told me he is willing to wait. But after the second date, he started acting weird

No texting at all, hasn't called in 3 days, and I look on his Facebook and there's a wall post from his girlfriend saying "I miss you" and he replied saying "I miss you too". Now I know, I almost asked for this considering I knew he had a girlfriend, but what's up with this guy?

Is he not interested anymore? Is he just a player? And should I be the first to break it off, if so, how? Phone call? In person?

Please help.


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  • He sounds like an A class a**hole, and a tryhard player.

    First, what were you thinking dating a guy who had a girlfriend? The very fact that he would cheat on her means that were he to enter into a relationship with you he'd be likely to do the same.

    Realistically, he probably realized that you weren't going to give it up so he threw in the towel. He probably likes the chase, and the feeling of knowing he's doing something he shouldn't be. He doesn't know how to break it off with his gf? That is BS. Yes, it's hard to break up with someone - but if it's EASIER to cheat on them then that is f*cked up.

    "Should I be the first to break it off?" - clearly he's trying to cut you out. He didn't get what he wanted so he is continuing on. OR maybe he mended things with his girlfriend. If he contacts you again, I would suggest you tell him you're not interested. If you still want him, then tell him you don't want to do anything with him until he breaks it off with his girlfriend. I really do think that is stupid anyway, because he sounds like a disloyal jerk. Otherwise, just let the contact fizzle.

    Move on. Find an uncomplicated guy. Also, you should avoid being the "mistress". How would you feel if another girl did that to you if you were with a guy for 2 years? :S

    • Your right. I don't want to be that kind of girl. It was wrong of me. And Yes he did contact me, I also work with the guy so I see him all the time, I told him straight up that we should be just friends.

      Thanks for answering.

    • Good luck :)