I have a date this Saturday. It's Wednesday and I still don't know what time or what we are doing. What to do?

I met this guy at work. He worked with me for three months filling in for someone else. At the end, he asked me out. We went for a run together :-) A week later, he asked me out for a drink and told me he really liked me. Another week later, we went out to dinner. Finally, he sent me a text last Sunday asking me out again. I accepted and we planned for Saturday.

He asked me what I wanted to do and I put it back on him (I mean he asked me out and we haven't been dating a long time), so he said he would think of something and call me back. Now it is almost 9pm on Wednesday night and he has not called or sent a text about what he are doing (or when he will be here). I am not going to call him. I think it is rude to leave me hanging like that. In the mean time, last night another guy called to ask me out (I didn't answer the phone- I am waiting). Now he just sent me a text (this other guy that is asking me out). I guess I am not sure what to make of this first guy. Any thoughts?

He sent me a text tonight (Friday) saying, "whew this week has been busy. Are we still up for tomorrow? Thai?" -- meaning Thai food... My thought is that he waited too long to confirm with the details. If he had already set the details, I would not have cared.


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  • I would at least see what the second guy has to say. If he has his act together more than the first guy, you could give him the Saturday spot. You could always see the first guy on a different day, but if he doesn't specify a day/time fairly soon, it seems like his chances are fading quickly.

    • Yeah. I agree. I guess I am just disappointed. I kind of like him (that's life). :-)

    • Yes, that is indeed the way life goes sometimes. Been there, done that...

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  • Maybe this is just me, but I wouldn't really worry until like.. tomorrow afternoonish. I'd send him a quick text ("Still up for Saturday?") around noon or a bit after tomorrow if you still haven't heard from him.

  • If it was me, I would text the first guy, just casually...like hey hows it going or how has your week been... if you get a conversation going he might mention Saturday, or give you the opportunity to slide in the question 'so what's the plan for Saturday'...if not you have a plan b with the second guy

    • Yeah. I am not calling him, or sending him a text. I think he should have told me by now, so I don't get it. He knows he hasn't given me the info. I need to get ready AND I would like to make other plans. I don't know if we are going out to dinner, or doing something during the day. I am waiting to see what he does. If he waits until the last minute to tell me, I am thinking he is a slacker or something.

    • mayb he sees it as a casual date between friends, in which case he might just message you Friday and let you kno

    • Thanks for your answer. I know he doesn't see it as a casual date between friends though. He told me (in a shy and almost awkward way) that he really liked me after our second date. He kissed me after our last date; However, he is pretty casual, which is a little annoying to me. He is the first guy to actually not walk me to my door after a date!? WEIRD -- well it's weird to me any way.