Is it wrong of me to ask advice about another guy with my guy friend?

I met this guy a year and half ago before we were friend, I told him that I really want to date him and he said he'd only like me as friend only. I accepted his friendship and ever since then we talk to each other a lot, talk about everything and share many personals stories.

Since he and I just a friend, I didn't see anything wrong in asking him for guy advices. Told him about how I met this kid, find this kid really attractive and told him that I hesitated to pursued the relationship because he was 7 years younger than me. I asked him how would I go on to tell kid that I want to be friend. Instead of giving me his advice: He asked this question; "If I had to choose between him and this kid, who would I pick?" Why is he asking me this question? am I wrong to ask wrong to ask him advice? Does he sounds jealous of this kid? I felt like he was jealous or something but I'm not sure and don't want to read into things to much since we're just friend.


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  • Well, it's possible that he has developed feelings for you over the time he has known you. (Actually it seems probable...guys do that...)

    It sounds like he wants to be more than friends, but it is also possible that he's asking (in a dumb way) if you really like the kid.

    Since he knows that you like him (or liked him) he in a way is asking if you like the kid as much or more than you liked him. If you do like the kid more, then the age shouldn't matter. If you don't then why pursue it?

    Or another way of asking would be 'Are you interested in this kid, or just attracted to him?'

    Personally, I think that your friend has developed feelings for you. You probably should have an honest talk with him about it...


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  • First of all, he set the boundary for the relationship, so he should have to live with it. It does sound like he's a little jealous.

    I would ask him why he asked that. Tell him that if he thought it was out of line for you to ask that question, he's welcome to say so(and be sure to respect that boundary).

    If the relationship is that old, his feelings may have changed toward you.

  • No, it's not wrong. Especially since he told you personally that he wanted to be just friends. I think he is jealous. This doesn't mean that he necessarily likes you though. He might just feel protective of you or something. He might be attracted to you, but that might be all he is. I would just ask him why he said it and see what he says. After all you are friends. But no, it was not wrong of you to ask , but it is wrong of him to lie to you if he does in fact like you.

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