Does he want to be with me, or just hang out when he's bored?

I like this guy, and I have for over a year. We hang out a lot, and he's kissed me a few times. I would really like to be his girlfriend, but I don't know if he wants that, too. And this is NOT the type of guy where I can just ask him that... Help me, please? What do I do to A) let him know how I feel, and then B) get him to feel the same way? (Or discover that he doesn't want me to be his gf, and I move on before I humiliate myself?)

Ok so its like we are boyfriend and gf, I would just feel better if someone could make it official! Now what? Thanks for helping!
We hold hands, and send flirty texts, but I just would like a real answer, but don't know how to get it!


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  • Is it really the relationship you crave, or is it the status of "girlfriend"?

    I would say that the relationship is already there and all you really have to do is let him know that you're commited to him more than you are to any other boy. Not marriage, but let him know that if he did want to venture further into a more serious relationship, that you're ready. Otherwise, I'd wait and continue to do what you do. Instead of trying to make a relationship happen, just live life here and now and be happy, because that goal of "boyfriend/girlfriend" status is a fleeting moment that soon passes. The true amazing moments are the ones we experiance everyday and miss because we're so worried about tomorrow.


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  • what kind of flirty texts? Because it could mean different things. I think you should just ask him to be up front so you're not so confused. Good luck and give updates! ..And you're not from Michigan by any chance, are you?

    • No I am not. Why? Is there an NAU in Michigan?

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    • Haha that's funny. nope. I guess guys are confusing all over the place. =)

    • Lol that they certainly are but good luck with everything.

  • Ask him to do something and see how he reacts. Send him flirty texts. Call him for no reason. Or ask one of his friends if he likes you. Try to hold his hand. The only true way is to ask him, however hard that may be.