How to handle busy boyfriend?

I have expressed negative thoughts to a guy I have been dating lately. Once when he was taking a long time to reply back to a message when I snapped at him sending a text saying 'whatever' and secondly having a bit of a go at him when he canceled date plans for the second time.

He says that he was disappointed in me, the fact that I got like that but I have a right to be upset at times don't I? I mean I was disappointed he did not reply to my text for like five hours and that plans got canceled again.

I was fine with when he explained that he does not always have he's phone with him and stopped being snappy after that. I did though get weird with him when he canceled for a third time. He them proceeded to think he was to busy for me and tell me that I deserve someone who can give me the attention I deserve.

I told him I did understand how busy he was I just did not realize how much.

I mean it has been a while since I have seen and spoken to him in person and I am always initiating texts first. Do I have a right to get the way I did?

Now that I know. Willing to be more lenient but we both have to compromise on a few things if we wanna make this work. It can't just be what he wants the relationship to be. I would like some of my needs met as well.

Seeing him on the weekend. Feeling kind of bummed about things cause they are not looking good. .

Any tips guys? With how to bring this up without pressuring the guy and stuff.


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  • well I read bits and pieces of this

    honestly any man should have time to reply a text message or email from his girlfriend

    i personally work 12 hours a day 6 days a week at times and no matter what I always try to keep communication up no matter what

    any guy who don't put effort into it is obviously not "in love with there other half"

    guys always have time. its whether your worth it or not is the question


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