Should I hang out with him or no?

Ok so I've been hanging out with a good guy friend for just about a year now. we did call our selves an official couple at one point--but we called that off because we didn't see each other enough at the time over the summer--anyways, we still hang out every weekend or so-- and there are 'benefits' aka sex. we are great friends and we both enjoy each others company (and not just the sex.its a nice bonus though.) and I really think he's great--its just we don't really want to be tied down to a relationship so we are doing this, which is perfectly fine with me.

now lately I've been talking to a old friend from high school who got in touch with me--he seems really interested in me and is coming home from school and wants to hang out. which is fine, but I'm afraid that he might want something more.

and I guess its a problem because I feel weird going and hanging out with another guy because of my guy friend--even though I know we aren't 'together'--you know what I mean?

part of me wants to go hang out with him just to have fun because I don't have many friends to begin with--but then a part of me doesn't want to lead him on I guess?

what to do!?
Should I hang out with him or no?
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