Dating friend, how can I make him not tell everyone about us?

its almost about a year that I met a guy and we are hanging out new to this city and he is a so nice guy from my country, so I feel so comfortable when I'm with him...he once asked me to be more than friends which I denied, so we stayed just friends!

but the point is I think he is showing everywhere that I'm his gf! like he tells his family about me so much, or invite me to family gatherings! (im kinda friend with his sister too! )

or there are a groups of his friends which all know about me going out with him! while I had told him that I don't like that everyone knows about us! you know in my culture if we go out alone, means we are in a relationship together...but I don't want everyone assume that I'm in a relationship with him!

i really don't know what can I do...i can't directly ask him not to his mom for example what we do or his friends, and I tried indirectly way and it didn't go as I wanted...any suggestion?


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  • Ive been through this have you asked him "does your family know that were NOT together?" "because I feel like that's what your family and friends think and honestly I'm not ready for a relationship"...In my situation the guy said OK and still acted the same and ended up getting hurt cause I felt pressured by him and chose to be with some1 else. Hopefully after you tell him he will just respect that


    • the point is that I directly asked him to tell his family we are not together! and he says he did, but his talks show me like all know that I said NO, but they might think I was not serious or changed my mind or something like this...

      for example first time that I saw his eldest brother, his brother congrats him for his choice! so I was like kinda shocked and tried to show him that it was not suitable at all...then he said he has talked with his brother and settle things down!

    • but I think they just didn't get my talks serious!

    • so do you think I should frankly talk about it again with him?

  • Tell him if he continues to lie, you must cease contact. That should shut him up.