How to stop thinking of a girl as possibly "the one"?

Just as the title says. Also how to stop being the "nice guy." When in the first part of pursuing a girl how much contact should I keep. One last thing when and how to let a girl know that I am interested in her?


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  • I don't think you should stop being the nice guy (Why do guys think he's so bad to be?). If you stop being the nice guy you're not going to get nice girls, only skanky, nasty ones.

    Next, if you stop thinking of girls as possibly 'the one', there's no point to dating. Dating is about finding a potential, long time mate.

    How much contact to keep? Well enough to make her think about you when you're not around. So regular catch ups and phone calls or texts are a must. There's no real rule as each girl would prefer different levels of contact, go by whatever feels right based on how clingy/well adjusted the girl is.

    Finally, how to show interest? Intense eye contact, shy smiles (or obvious smiles depending your confidence) and hints that show your interested in her romantically.

  • Be her friend first but don't let her to used you like a guy friend, you know what I mean;let her give you some respect and when you think that she's into you, step to another level like ask her for a date and etc.

    • He'll still get friend zoned a interest from the beginning, am not saying overly interested, as long as she knows you find her attractive and you're single it's good enough.

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