Why did this guy get excited to hang out with me then never text back?

So this guy friend of mine and I made plans and he was super excited to go but he had to make sure the time was okay. He said he'd text me back to let me know but never did. Why was he so excited then did nothing? I also text him to see what was going on and he never text back. I'm confused...


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  • Please listen to me when I tell you this and really consider it. If he never texts you back, but still seems very interested, get out now while it's still early. He is probably very undependable and that is a horrible quality to have. I am in you situation right now only fast forwarded by a good amount. Even though she shows interest in me by asking me to hang out and never saying no to whenever I ask her she'll still ignore me/cancel. It's the most frustrating "relationship" (we're just friends) I have ever had and I honestly wish I never met her knowing what I know now. Take my warning seriously, if he shows signs of being unreliable run away and never look back.

    • I say give him one more chance if he still doesn't come through then go with what I said before...he could just not have seen your text or something else.

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  • take it as this guy is far to immature to meet up, he sounded all big on the phone but when it came to it, he chickened out, so he is obviously far to child like to be going on dates, so leave him, let him grow up a little and then get in touch, because you should only be dating guys who are worthy of your talents, and ones that are willing to show you they are worthy, what he has done is run, because you scared him by agreeing to go out with him, which makes his mentality far to immature for you, you have talent, it won't go un noticed, so be pleased you didn't waste time on this guy,x

  • I've had the same thing happen with girls. He' just leading you on. Give him a good guilt trip and never talk to him again.


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