Any advice on the first kiss with someone new?

So I'm dating someone new, and I wonder when is the right time for the first kiss and what should I do during the first kiss. And what if no sparks fly? What then? I have kissed another guy before, but that was two years ago and I didn't kiss him much. He was the only guy I ever kissed too. So any advice at all?

Thanks for all of your advice guys! I loved it!


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  • Well... the first kiss is likely going to be his responsibility... your job is to either want it (and therefore be receptive and open) or not want it (by not dating him any more.)

    Since it sounds like you're into him, I'd suggest simply being as open and receptive (inviting) as possible. This means positive open body language (so that he has an opportunity to slide and kiss you).

    I also recommend not putting too much worry on this first kiss. You both don't know each others' body's so it's hard to judge your connection based upon the first kiss.

    Something I always liked to do, to get the firs kiss out of the way, was to invent a game where the prize was a kiss.

    "Okay Sally... we're playing mini golf but the rules are... Every time I get a hole-in-one you owe me one big kiss. And don't make any faces... you have to like it. Hehe."

    This type of game lets her know she's in danger of getting a kiss from me, but also let's her see it as fun.

    Or, if you're close enough now, you can just say, "Hey, you wore that shirt again! You lost 5 points on our dating meter... now you owe me One Kiss!" then you quickly lean in and steal a kiss. It doesn't need to make sense, it's meant to be fun and a great way to get the first one out of the way...

    It really all depends on how comfortable you are with yourself and with him.

    Don't sweat the kiss... most relationships make or brake based on personalities, not physical chemistry... at least in my opinion...

    Let us know how it goes,

    ~ Robby

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  • When you kiss a guy, you really should have that gut feeling, like butterflies with that emotion you like him, if this is missing, kissing will at most feel wet an inappropriate, so wait until you actually like a guy before kissing him, because when you do, your feet will slightly raise off the floor and all the hairs over your body will come alive. It only lasts for a second or two, but its pretty cool, but you got to be feeling right first,x

  • Hold him still so he can't run away. A good warm embrace will also help to determine how comfortable they are with intimacy.


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