Advice on a first kiss?

So I think I'm getting ready to have my first kiss and I'm so super nervous! I have no idea what to do both before/after it happens or even how to let the guy know tht I want him to kiss me! Please help! Especially on answering how I let him know I want to be kissed! Thanks!


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  • Alrighty. Kissing comes naturally You may not believe me now but you will after your first or second kiss.

    To let him know you want him to kiss you: Look into his eyes and then look at his lips. Don't make this obvious. When y'all are getting ready for the kiss, the conversation should start slowing down and eye contact should increase. If you're in a convo. and you don't think he gets your drift, just glace at his lips now and again. He should get the idea.

    You can go in for a hug and instead of pulling away completely, just pull away a little bit and keep your arms around his neck, if he want a kiss he should still be holding onto you.

    Pre-kiss: As you're going in for the kiss your should be looking at his lips and then as you get closer closing your eyes more and more. You won't miss if you glance at his lips before you go all the way in (he will lean in a lot and you should lean in a bit too).

    Kissing: Hold out your pointer finger and press it across your lips. It doesn't feel very romantic, does it? That why you don't keep your lips together all the way. They should be **slightly** open when you make contact and you should almost encase either his top or bottom lip. Practice on your finger so that when you're making full lip contact, you just barely feel the inside of your lip (where the lip turns into mouth and there's just a tiny bit of wet). Make sure your lips aren't hard and tight. They should be relaxed and supple (chapstick!)

    If that doesn't make any sense, I'm sorry

    After kiss: Pull away whenever you feel is right. Look him in the eyes and smile to let him know you're happy with the kiss.

    It really comes naturally, I freaked out too. don't worry:)


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  • Maybe you have to make the first move. It helps I know if he's as inexperienced as you and won't be "comparing" you to somebody else. Then there's me. I like it all.

  • Just go for it, and he'll know what you are trying to do. Also USE YOUR TONGUE, unless the guy specified he doesn't like tongue action, which is weird? but do it passionately and wrap your arms around his neck and hold him tight. should be fine. good luck

  • I relate to you I've never been kissed!would someone kiss me? I'm not ugly, I've just never been focused on having a gf


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