Is this normal dating behavior?

This friend of mine and I finally hooked up a couple of weeks ago. There had always been a mutual attraction; however, we were both in committed relationships.

Basically, we have been hooking up every couple of days and contacting one another at least every day.

However, after his birthday this all changed. This was a few days ago.

I asked him a simple question and got no reply. A day later, I shot him another text politely reminding him of my question. There has still been no response.

I am wondering if this is normal behavior or should I just move on. Perhaps he found someone else.

So, it has been three days and no contact on his part. I don't want to seem needy which is why I haven't sent many texts.

So, what should I do?


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  • Stop texting him. If he wanted to reply he would have. That is not normal behavior for people that are interested. When someone doesn't respond to your text or calls. It's because they don't want to. I'm sorry if I'm being hard on you but you should move on. When someone treats you with such disregard. It's time to move on.

    • Well, he ended up calling but I didn't answer. I hate to say that I then waited a few days to call him back. Now, it has been a few days since he has called me. I am totally confused.

    • Yes it is very confusing. Give it time sometimes people just go through changes in there life and it has nothing to do with you. Let him be its okay. I think when he's ready to talk to you he will. In the mean time go out there and have some fun.

    • Thank you.

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