What does kissing on the cheek mean?

I kiss my relatives in the cheek as a sort of greeting, same with church members but I never kiss people my age on the cheek.

I have a friend and recently he has kissed me two times on the cheek every time I've hugged him good bye after we've hanged out. The thing is though I asked my friends if he does this to them and they said he doesn't and he has a girlfriend.


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  • He's not coming on to you he probably just likes you more than your other friends kinda like a sister, that's why its hard to make female friends they always over analyze stuff and think in the term of relationships

    • But that's the thing...we're not very close. If anything, I have just started to hang out with him this year. Before that he was just an acquaintance.

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    • well I'm one of those people who connect more with women so for me it wouldn't be odd, either he's the same way or he does like you in a way but knows where he stands with his girlfriend and will leave it at that, and it could always be like a Chase & Tessa thing on Laguna Beach (no homo)

    • Ah OK good insight :).

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  • he likes you. simple as that but wait he's seeing someone dang. some ones cheating. not unless you knew him since back then and always did that like me and my friend do. then he digs you but man while he has a girl.


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  • in many cultures kissing on each cheek, is how you greet people and say good by to them-regrdless of relationship status. friends, acquaintances etc.. I've lived and several were its normal.