Success on online dating sites?

I've gone on some and while some girls do contact me and show interest they are usually pretty far away or really desperate. Had a girl tell me she loved me before we met, kind of scary.

Should I really try one out for a while and see where it goes? You have success?


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  • I see no reason not to, quite a lot of people I know either use them or have at least tried it out. I'm pretty open with my friends about using them as I'm quite shy around strangers "in real life", plus its a good way of meeting people you'd never come across otherwise. I met someone last year off 1 who I thought was gorgeous and great, we'd never have met if it hadn't been for the fact we'd both been on these sites.

    I have to be honest it didn't work out between us, became friends then we stopped talking after a fall out, but that could be said about anyone who you would meet offline as well. Be prepared to put up with everything from people who think they're too good to reply, to people who become rather clingy and can't take the hint when they get 1 or 2 word resonses as well though

    • Yea I know people who have had a lot of success too.

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  • Yup,I use them. Have met a few guys even. Nothing too exciting though.

    Good luck and have fun!:)


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  • My brother met his wife on one of those sites. They've been married for like 6 years or something.