Why hasn't he texted back yet?

This guy is the son of a family friend, and he just arrived to the city like 3 weeks ago. I helped him get settled the first 2 days after he arrived before he moved to his permanent place. he texted me after thanking me for helping him out etc and I replied to say you're welcome and told him to call if he has any problems (since he's a newbie to the city). few days later I text him to ask how he's doing, and he replies 'oh I was just thinking of texting you just now too!'..i then tell him I might be going to a concert on the weekend and invite him to come along too. he replies saying that he'd love to go and asks me to contact him then.

When it came to the weekend I didn't end up going to the concert, so didn't bother to tell him cos I thought there's not much point in texting/calling just to say sth is cancelled. so now its around a week after and I texted him yday cos I felt kinda bad for not getting back to him before, so my text was like 'hey, sorry didn't get back to you about the concert, didn't end up getting tickets in time. anyway how've you been?'. its a day later and still no reply...

I know I'm reading way too much into this (typical!) but why do you think he hasn't texted back? do you think he's pissed about me not following through before, or he just cba to reply? any suggestions appreciated!


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  • He was probably just too busy to text back I'm pretty sure he has texted bac by now(: