Guys, help while kissing?

well me and my boyfriend just started going out, kissed at a Friday night football game which was my first kiss. I'm 15 so is he., then hungout the next day. and didn't kiss because my family was there, but we drove him home and he kissed my hand before he got out. which I loved... then we started kissing the day after. when we were downstairs at his house laying on his couch. my head was on his chest so I had to look up to kiss him every time, and we used tongue, I felt like I used mine way more then he did.. (but a few weeks before that he told me he loves when girls use tongue) and I bit his bottom lip gently, and he smiled.. I want to keep kissing him, and I want to kiss him harder. but how do I know if he likes it? what can I do with my hands when were kissing?


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  • Oh guys like it... if they don't they will say something. So do as you please :)


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  • Most guys love when girls get aggressive while kissing. My boyfriend does. And he loves when I grab his neck and slide my hands on his chest, also if you guys are standing up try holding the collar of his shirt. Sometimes I grab my bfs pants just like where the zipper is and put like two fingers in his pants (not all the way, just the tips of my fingers ) and just leave me hands there while we kiss. But if your laying down try putting your leg over his and if you wana kiss him harder just go for it and like I said just rub his chest and stomach, thighs are good too my boyfriend likes that.