Going crazy after a break up, advice?

Hi,me and my ex of 6 years have been split up for 5 months now,and I tried going meet other people to make myself get over feeling like crap but I don't and can't have sex with anyone but my ex and I am scared to death to even see another women more than once.Shes always demanding a lot of money even though I do and give a lot we have a child,I feel like I am going crazy!Is this normal.thanks


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  • Well, you can have casual dates with other women and not have to sleep with them. If you feel the pressure to have sex with them, then just make it so that you won't be able to. Go out to a public place. Don't come back into each others' home. Or just don't date right now. Instead, why not go out on group outings and just enjoy the company of your friends instead.

    • Yea,that would help its just as soon as I come home from offshore she wants to hang out.

  • Don't rush into a new relationship right away. You need time to heal. She is just acting out and using the child as a money hogger. She has to realize that you are emotionally scarred right about now. It's been 5 months and you still haven't gotten over it, you and her need to have a good conversation, tell her to calm down, you deserve to keep your sanity.


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