Best place to take girl on a date?

Am friends with a girl that I have feelings for. We’re hanging out in a couple of days and want to tell her. This will be the first time we’ve hung out outside of campus (we live far from each other). I don’t want it to be like a first date, but more as something in between casual and a date. Here are my ideas:

Coffee place

Casual restaurant

Space museum (she went to space camp) (NYC)


Miniature Golf

Ferry Ride to NYC

Central Park (NYC)

Live music (we have VERY different taste in music though)

Problem is we live far from NYC (~1hr away with minimum traffic, but I know she loves going there). It can be a combination of the ideas. ANY suggestions will be VERY helpful (can't go to a zoo or aquarium since they'll be closed by the time we get there).


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  • I think the best place to go, since you guys are already friends would definitely be someplace really fun and not serious, like a concert, circus, amusement park, and since you rarely get to see each other, something that you'd rarely ever do!


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  • coffee shop is a good place but I have to say central park its a great place since the leaves are changing it could be a nice walk